Non-Hydrating Ring Rescue Lubricant

Non-Hydrating Ring Rescue Lubricant


Ring Rescue lubricant gives you the best chance to remove a ring non-destructively.  With its non-hydrating properties, it allows the lubricant to it on top of the skin, instead of being absorbed like other lubricants which can cause the finger to swell.  With the right balance of slippery for proper ring maneuvering and stickiness for grip, you’ll be removing rings in no time with our laboratory tested lubricant.

Our lubricant advantages:

  • Non-Hydrating.  Some water-based lubricants are hydrating which can cause a slight increase in the size of the finger and therefore decrease ring removal performance.  Our lubricant will not increase finger size at all giving you the best chance to remove a ring using it.
  • Slippery and sticky.  The RR Lubricant has been designed to be very slippery between skin and metal while being slightly sticky between gloves and metal.  This is beneficial as the ring can slide off of the finger, yet by wearing a glove you can still firmly grip the ring without slipping when using ring manipulation techniques to remove the ring.
  • Slippers between metal and skin The RR lubricant has been tested in a laboratory environment against other ring lubricants and was found to be more effective with ring removal than the leading ring lubricant.
  • It’s safe!  RR lubricant meets European and North American standards for safety.
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