Ring Rescue Finger Compression Device

Ring Rescue Finger Compression Device


A new era of ring removal.

The Ring Rescue compression device (CD) shrinks finger size to help you remove stuck rings non-destructively.  The device shrinks finger size 100% of the time, and then it is up to you to remove the ring.  With proper manipulation techniques, users see great success and patients are thrilled when they can avoid having to cut their valuable ring.

What’s included:

  • Special non-hydrating lubricant
  • A step-by-step guide that provides specific techniques to assist in non-destructive removal
  • Training videos to set you and your team up for successes
  • All inclusive 2-year warranty


For more information about this product, please contact your sales representative.

Michael Kennedy p. 902-499-0306 e. mkennedy@braemed.ca

Shelley Buckborough p. 902-499-1143 e. sbuckborough@braemed.ca